SOXKS Co-Founder Arthur Marries Georgina Wilson

Arthur Burnand Georgina Wilson Wedding Photo SocksLadies around the world have been in mourning for the last month or so, ever since SOXKS co-founder and resident Legend-in-Chief, Arthur Burnand, was married to the beautiful and frighteningly talented Georgina Wilson.  Georgina is rightly famous for her work as a model, co-founder of sunglasses brand Sunnies, and co-host of Asia's Next Top Model.  We recommend checking out her Instagram profile.

Long believed to have been inoculated for life with a potent marriage vaccine, Arthur fell head over heels for Georgina, and their love for one another very quickly proved too powerful to handle, resulting in what was surely this year's biggest marital event.  The wedding took place in Arthur's home city, Winchester. 

Arthur and Georgina's marriage was a rip-roaring success, and while we can't pinpoint the exact reason that was the case, we can venture an educated guess: Arthur himself, as well as his father and all of his ushers, were kitted out in socks from SOXKS.  Too much of a coincidence, surely?  Rumours on the day of the event indicated that the bridesmaids were distraught at having the attention normally bestowed on them directed instead to the ushers' choice of hosiery.  That's life, hey!

On behalf of everyone at SOXKS, we wish Arthur and Georgina a joyous marriage together.  We're sure that their future holds many more incredible memories...and numerous pairs of the world's finest sock designs.