SOXKS x Teva Sandals

Summer styling at its best

Summer means sun, sea, and sand. But it there’s also space for two more important ‘S's’; socks and sandals. Here at SOXKS we’ve been working with world-famous sandal-maker Teva to put together some juicy retail packages in Hong Kong.

Zelia wears SOXKS and Teva Sandals for the cover of Tao Magazine

Long dismissed as a fashion faux pas, the socks and sandals combination has finally begun to receive the attention it deserves, hitting red carpets and runways everywhere from Los Angeles to Shanghai. Below are our tips for how best to pull off your Teva x SOXKS fashion angle this summer:

First: be you. Choose a socks and sandal combination that suits your own style. If you’re outgoing and bubbly then rocking a pair of toned-down classic sandals like Teva’s Original Universal Urban design with our To The Lighthouse socks might just be the perfect angle for you, for example.

Second: take your leg and body shape into consideration. For those of you – especially ladies – with long, slender legs, a simple colour-block sock design will work better than stripes or polka dots particularly when combined with the bright and bold contours of the Teva Marbled design.


Third: go for contrasts. The bolder and brighter the sandals, the simpler the socks, and vice versa. Too much fun and quirkiness can result in colour overload that doesn’t make quite the same impression. We also advise contrasting the colours of your socks with your sandals, as long as your top draws on the same colours as either one of them, the overall effect will look great. Blue Teva Hurricane sandals, for example, look great with our Red SOXKS (LAMFRS).