....And We're Off!

Well well well.  Here we are, finally.

As the founder of our favourite Irish brew apparently once said, good things come to those who wait.  We hope the wait has been worth it and now it's time for our sock revolution to begin in earnest.  We've run an ultra-marathon and finally made it to the starting line.

The support we've had from sock enthusiasts over the past year, during which time we've been working to take SOXKS from a wild dream to concrete (or cotton) reality, has certainly helped immensely:  To the friends, family, and helpful acquaintances who've offered encouragement and advice along the way, we salute you, and probably wouldn't be here without you.

We'll keep this post short and sweet, and leave you to look around the website.  Be sure to have a read of our SOXKS Manifesto and learn a bit more about the philosophy (yes, hosiery can and should be a relevant subject for philosophy!) that drives our brand.  Have a look at our first collection Lookbook which contains some funky images, ripping yarns, and SOXKSy threads.  Take a peek at the designers behind SOXKS on our Designed By Brits page, and if you have time we'd also highly recommend reading about our Elves.

For those of you itching to get your hands on some of our sock designs simply check out each individual design in our shop here.  If you're ready to take your sock drawer (and life!) to the next level, then you may even be ready for this game changer.

Be sure to bookmark this blog, because we can pretty much guarantee a rip-roaring bonanza of fun, interesting, and hunched-double humour in the days to come.

Last but not least, we'd love to hear your feedback, have a chat, or discuss the weather where you are and you can get in touch here

Peace, Love, and SOXKS.