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Apparently the spots on every ladybug are unique, and we think that’s mental. Or a scientific practical joke. Anyway, we decided we wanted the spots on these ladybugs to be uniform for top secret reasons related to footwear safety and the technical limitations of our knitting machines. But where did their name come from? Whether you call them ladybugs or ladybirds our Bady Lugs are an attempt to highlight gender discrimination in the world of entomology. This is a shout out to all the male ladybugs who are rendered invisible by a mono-vision, one-size-fits-all, matriarchal focus on their sisters. Wear these bad boys as a sign of solidarity with your ladybug brothers…or just because you like the design. A portion of the profit from these SOXKS will go towards fighting insect gender discrimination in the developed world…once such an organisation has been established.

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