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This design was one of two winning creations in our ‘Design Your Own SOXKS’ competition, so thank you to Mona Sudo for designing these pups.  These SOXKS have balloons on them: If you’re seeing something else then you’re a scoundrel and a cad. Balloons remind us of clowns, parties and childhood fun. Balloons should therefore also be a key part of your adult life, and as always, with a little bit of fun on your feet you’re one step (literally) closer to having a better life. Jules Verne had his protagonist circumnavigate the world in a balloon, and essentially these SOXKS are your mode of transport too; so you’re a modern day Phileas Fogg adventurer,  although we can’t guarantee these will get you round the world in eighty days. Give it a try though; if you succeed we’ll give you one free pair because we’re that generous. You’ll have one hell of a story too!

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