Designed By Brits

SOXKS was founded in 2013 by Matt Bowden and Arthur Burnand (pictured).  Both originally from the UK, Arthur and Matt hope to bring some creative energy, a strong dose of cheekiness, and a philosophical approach to the world of hosiery.  SOXKS’ design inspirations are manifold and range flirtatiously from the preposterous to the nostalgic, from literature to Icelandic rock music, and from Renaissance scientists to iconic confectionery, covering most bases in between.

Humour is one of the qualities that plays a strong role in Matt and Arthur’s day to day existence and in the SOXKS design process, not to mention in photoshoots and armstorming* sessions.    Monty Python, Blackadder, and The Mighty Boosh are fairly representative of the British comedy gems that fuel SOXKS’ creative fire.   Each SOXKS design has an inspirational story behind it, digging slightly deeper than the ‘pretty picture’ approach to sock design that many other brands seem to take, and these stories generate associative responses in SOXKS wearers that Arthur and Matt hope enrich the (previously) mundane experience of putting on a pair of socks.

Arthur hails from Winchester, in the south of England, and when not rigorously testing the elasticity of the rims on each pair of SOXKS (see photo) and scribbling new design ideas on the back of receipts is fond of browsing Schott’s Almanac while sipping Islay single malts.  Matt grew up in County Durham, in north-east England, and while large portions of his working day are spent listening intently to the sonorous tones of our SOXKS (see photo), he likes to spend his leisure time pretending to surf and staring at clouds. 

* Allergic to beaten tracks, Arthur and Matt prefer to armstorm rather than brainstorm; they find that scrawling ideas directly onto Arthur’s wrists is a better, (and environmentally friendly) way of sharing their thoughts in the absence of any telepathy skills.