Q: Are these SOXKS too good to be true?
A: They are as real as unicorns with no horns.  They are the truest thing since sliced bread and Scotch eggs.  Our SOXKS are so true that they are regularly used by builders as spirit levels and by bakers as standard weights.

Q: If I wear SOXKS at night will I actually dream more?
A: Yes.  Just you try to prove us wrong!

Q: If I wash my SOXKS on a hot wash and the colours fade can I exchange or have refund?
A: If you don’t breathe for a day, will you live?  Of course not!  Look after your SOXKS with as much sweet love as went into making them.  Please refer to the care guidelines on our product pages or in the booklet with your SOXKS to give these puppies the Optimum Wash.

Q: As a mother / girlfriend / daughter / sister / girlwho’safriend can I buy SOXKS for the man / men in my life?  Are they the perfect gift?
A: Yes, our SOXKS make truly great gifts that would bring a Cheshire cat grin the the face of all but the most humourless man.  For true perfection, however, we’d advise that you consider one of our SOXKScriptions.