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In each one of our last three collections we have included a Gingham-inspired design. Blingham is the third in this series, and hits the proverbial nail right on the bonce. If you’re fond of tradition with a twist, or twisted traditions, then these scoundrels may just be the ones for you. We called them Blingham in part because we are steadily running out of plays on the Gingham name, but also because this design will announce your arrival anywhere with great fanfare and no small amount of jealousy on the part of onlookers. “What delicious hosiery ventures hither?” they will ask, with a barely disguised mix of admiration and inadequacy. Combined with a pink shirt or tie these Blingham SOXKS could well deliver a knock-out chops-slap from which your colleagues might never recover. Best to have St John’s Ambulance on standby, just in case.  

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