• Coat of SOXKS
  • Coat of SOXKS
  • Coat of SOXKS

Coat of SOXKS


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The fleur-de-lis, a popular symbol appearing on countless coats of arms, has now made it big time; it’s on our SOXKS (albeit not by original intention). The design brief was simple; we wanted little crosses and thought they would look delicious. Apparently our SOXKS factory (if you're picturing something something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then you're not far off) knew better and managed to twist our crosses into these awesome fleurs-de-lis. Either that or a Frenchman broke in and changed our design...again. While we cannot condone jousting, we are, alas, powerless to prevent it, and highly recommend these pups as the obvious hosiery option for any aspiring knight. Shining armour optional.

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