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Have you ever banged your head really hard?  Come on, admit it.  We all saw you that time you ran full pelt into the patio door that you mistakenly thought was open.  What you probably saw, in the split second afterwards, is an explosion of tiny pink polka dots, much akin to these cheeky rascals.  This is a shame, since were it not for the pain, the sight would be quite beautiful.  That’s why we decided to create this pair of Pink Polka SOXKS.  Mild head trauma, like Kappa tracksuits, Dr Marten’s boots, and Noel Edmonds, is very 1990’s, and thus deeply uncool.  It can only be a good thing, therefore, that thanks to this lively pair of threads no more head-banging is necessary…unless you’re a thrash metal fan, in which case you probably see enough pink polka dots already.

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